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The Members in Transition (MIT) group was developed to assist SIM members in a career transition by providing a forum to share leads, opportunities, and advice. This program is open to all members for interactive collaboration, including those in need as well as those looking for help. 

Weekly MIT Program Calls

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EAST: Every Thursday @ 8:00 am ET 

Please join Christopher Bernard and Joe Puglisi for the weekly East call where current members in transition will be assisted by former MIT members and executive search professionals.  We look forward to connecting with you soon!

WEST: Every Tuesday @ 12:00 pm PT (Registration Required)

Are you an Information Technology leader? Is your career in transition? Would you like to polish your executive leadership skills to help position yourself for what’s next? GET IN THE KNOW!

JOIN US Tuesday’s at 12 pm Pacific time for a round table discussion with actionable takeaways designed to elevate your career!

Hosted by Dan Counts 

SOUTH: Last Wednesday of the Month at 12 PM ET

Hosted by: Dale Bondanza and Jamie Delsing

The sessions are informal and driven by the needs of the attendees that are in transition. All attendees will be asked to provide a brief introduction of who they are, chapter they belong to, their MIT status (exploring, active search), and any immediate need. We encourage participants to turn on their video for a more interactive and collaborative experience.

Program Benefits

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